Our Walkers

Dog walking in NYC doesn’t need to be stressful. FCAP keeps your dog safe and sound out on the streets of NYC. Our certified dog walkers are fully vetted professionals and insured company employees. We also pay them fairly, which is better for everyone. All dog walkers go through a rigorous one-on-one training process that includes being out on the route learning the ropes before ever picking up a leash. We don't just teach our dog walkers how to put on a harness and collar—we show them everything involved with dog walking, from avoiding street treats to safe street walking. We cover it all! That goes for our puppy program, too. FCAP is: • Bonded • Insured • Certified by dogTec • Pet Tech certified • ASPCA Guardian contributor

Our Walks

FCAP will match your dog with a suitable furry friend or two, depending on your preferences. We also provide one-on-one dog walking should your dog need special attention, as well as puppy care and walking. No matter the service, your dog will be safe and happy, and you will be able to track progress with our GPS tracking system. And FCAP doesn't do group dog walks. So, what does that mean for FCAP clients? It means unique dog walking and puppy care experiences for you and your dog. It means a professional, mature, caring dog walker both you and your pet will love. It means that each dog walk with FCAP is a good one—for your dog, for you and for FCAP.
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