My Walks DashboardReal-time GPS dog walking

FCAP dog walkers use an iPhone/Android system that sends you an email alert when your dog’s walk begins and ends, as well as a GPS map tracking the walk. Our system allows you to view your dog’s walk and past walk reports at any time. Our puppy program uses the same system so you can see how your pup progresses. Now that's peace of mind! You can request additional dog walking services and manage payments through the system. We have dedicated neighborhood dog walkers and all dog walks are done within a pick-up window that we meet daily. No more wondering when or where your dog was walked—it's all sent to you in real time!
GPS PhoneUpon arrival, an email alerts you that the session has started
GPS TabletWatch the walk route with our real-time GPS tracking
GPS LaptopAfter the walk, you receive a detailed report

GPS tracking provides a complete transparent experience

Fur Coat and Pants At FCAP, we take dog walking and puppy care very seriously. We provide dog walking, exercise and training based on your pet's needs and social skills. We maintain leash etiquette at all times and we never group walk. We create puppy care programs that will help build confidence and skills. Our dog walkers are in tune with your dog, not tuned-in to their music or phones. We have professional dog walkers who enjoy working with dogs. They consist of freelance writers and Ph.D. students, to name a couple. All dog walkers are first trained by FCAP management and then spend a day with another dog walker. We have higher standards to make sure your dog walking or puppy care experience with FCAP will be enjoyable and safe.